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Balloon Bouquets
Whatever the celebration, balloons will instantly create an uplifting mood. If you want to put a big smile on someone's face, surprise a friend, decorate a party, make a huge statement or leave a lasting impression, balloons will make it happen!
All of our custom balloon bouquets are unique and different from your average bunch of balloons. They are designed in your choice of theme, color scheme or style. Any custom balloon bouquet can be made in the following sizes and price points:
The Petite Bouquet $45 - This posh bouquet includes over half a dozen custom balloons making it a gorgeous centerpiece.
The Standard Bouquet $75 - Standing at 8' tall, this fabulous bouquet is filled with a dozen of our custom balloons.
The BIG Bouquet $105 - Standing at 10' tall, this favorite includes a dozen and a half of our custom balloons.
The Grand Bouquet $145 - Filled with over 2 dozen balloons, this plus sized bouquet is guaranteed to blow anyone away.
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