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About Us
All That & More Balloon Décor is family owned and operated, and committed to providing a high-level decorating service. We have established a company of quality and reliability among its customers.
Mission Statement
To provide balloon decorating services to North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. 
All That & More Balloon Décor is a company committed to quality and reliablity that provides a high-level balloon decorating service. 
We are based out of Hilton Head Island, SC and provide services for Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We are dedicated to providing innovative balloon decorations and special affects that are used in today’s balloon industry.
All That & More Balloon Décor will design a plan to suit your needs. Let us create an exciting environment for you! Whether you are planning a dance, seminar, luncheon, convention, reunion, wedding, or birthday party, we have ideas for you.
Our balloon specialties range from dance floor décor to fabulous balloon bouquets, arches, columns and sculptures. We provide free on-site consultation and would love to show you how we can liven-up your next event. Using balloons for decorating can cost so little, and add so much!  
Hilton Head Island, SC
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